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Stripped stud



We just found that one of the studs on my left front wheel is stripped. I've heard that it's a pain to pound it out and pound in the replacement, but I know it has to be done eventually. The question is, how long is it safe to drive around with it this way? My normal driving is just city roads, but I'm thinking of driving to Bloomington on Saturday which would include a few hours of highway travel. Would it be safe?


Don't take a chance. Almost any shop can change it in a few minutes. It's not a difficult job.

Just my circle track racing background speaking.
thread chaser

For a quick bandaid: If the stud's not too bad ... might you chase it's thread with a "thread chaser" or if no tc ... a die ... then use a new lug nut. TC should be available at good auto parts store (NAPA) or industrial supply... Sears should also have it. Me, I'd probably drive it the way it is ... but would I tell someone else to do so ... NO.

Actually Barb, they drive out pretty easily with a 2 lb hammer. You don't hammer the new one in. Insert it from the back and install a flat washer against the hub and a lug nut on top of that, flat side against the washer. Tighten the nut and draw the stud into the hub. Add more washers if you run out of threads. Once seated all the way in remove the nut and washers, replace the wheel and :drink a :beer to a job well done.

See you in Bloomington. I'm going on Saturday too. Looks like CAC members are planning on meeting at the main gate at 1PM on Saturday.
Thanks all for the info - I really don't like driving it like this. I've scheduled an appt for Friday morning with my 'Vette mechanic to do the stud and balance/rotate the tires (nothing like waiting til the last minute!).

Tom, hopefully I'll see you there at 1pm Saturday (I'm still not 100% sure that we can make it). Too bad I haven't ordered my CAC shirt yet, but I'd be wearing my Blue '69 t-shirt.

Thanks again!
Barb :w

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