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stuck roof panel



Can someone please help me....I was trying to loosen the left bolt screw to take the roof panel off my 93 C4 and the ratchet kept slipping so I asked a man who was washing his car next to me to assist. After several tries he tells me the screw is stripped so I took the car to a chevy dealer here in Pensacola Fl. The service tech told me it would have to be drilled out and would cost alot of money and that he'd never heard of this happening before. Anyone ever had this happen to them and is there any other way to get the top off without drilling out the whole panel?
Were you able to start turning the screw ?

So is it......

A)The head of the torx bolt is stripped and the tool wont grab.

B) It started turning then stopped, I applied more torque and broke the tool.

C) The tool fits fine and the head of the bolt is cool but it just turns & turns and dosen't loosen up. ( the most expensive).

I just want to be clear on this before we proceed.

Most of the time the tool / top wrench is at fault. Try a GOOD quality Craftsman, Snap On or Mac torx bit before you go hog wild on destroying your roof bolt. I would also spray some GOOD quality penetrating oil in the hole. I use "B" Blaster (name brand) from Auto Zone and it has worked good for me in the past.
After you get a new torx bit / wrenchand soak the bolt over night try to insert the bit into the bolt head and with a SMALL hammer, tap the bit into the screw to seat it in to the head of the bolt. Sometimes the shock from seating the bit in to top bolt will help loosen it up.

Once you have it seated into the bolt, you mighy want to have someone on the outside of the car press pown on the corner of the roof to compress the roof gasket and take some torque off of the bolt.

If all else fails SEARS sell this
new screw extractor that is o u t s t a n d i n g!!:cool
It's a bit expensive but I'm sure you will spring for one! If it will fit in the recess where the screw lives get it and give it a try..

Good Luck

Bill C

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