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Hi well I have a 94 corvette its all stock i was looking at two Supercharger's Vortech and ProCharger. I would like to know which one you guys think is better and i would like to know if there’s anything else i would have to do to the car. i would also like to know the good and the bads of it. Thank You

Ps here is a website that has them both http://www.superchargersonline.com/index.asp
Ghost, if it was up to me, it would be the Procharger. I don't have hands on experience, but I have heard nothing but good about them, and they seem to have better intercooler technology than the other guys. They also have a wide range of options.

We have many a mustang in town running chargers and the really fast ones are prochargers.

Good luck, take lots of pics, cause that is going to be one sweeeeet ride.
Thanks for the link!

I am thinking about a supercharger for a year now, scaching behind my ear about which or which.

You must decide if you want a bolt on system OR a custommade system. If you chose for a custommade system, you can face a lot of problems but you get a better result.

Suppose you take a bolton system, take a system wich uses aftercooling or intercooling.
If I my take one for your vette, I chose the P600 WITH intercooler and nomore than 6 psi (thats safe) because 8 or 10 psi, you engine will no longer last than 2000 miles.

Aftercooling wil be more consistend but I think intercooling wil do also good.

A specialist in the United Kingdom told me about the quality that he used both systems (Vortech and Procharger) and the only difference is the sound.

For myself I have not made a choice. I will be a custommade, probaly a vortech with a intercooler.
Re: Re: Supercharger's

johnny said:

If I my take one for your vette, I chose the P600 WITH intercooler and nomore than 6 psi (thats safe) because 8 or 10 psi, you engine will no longer last than 2000 miles.


But that's only if you really run it hard all the time right? If you were to drive it daily with an occasional street/track race, it should go more than 2000 right?
Re: Re: Re: Supercharger's

Two enginetuners have told me this, the first told me that also on 6psi boost the engine wil not last long. The second tuner told me that the engine in daily use could run on 8psi but the safe side would be 6 psi.

But they say, spend a little more money and balance the engine, use better pistons (JE pistons) and run safe on 8 till 10psi.

But, there is more,

It is difficult to adjust the motormanagment, when you use a blower, the engine will heat up. Also the most US engines are set to use less fuel. Dangerous!

Even when I installed my headers, the engine was running on a low gas/air mixture. This was between 500 till 2000 rpm.

So what I did (and this is extreem, I know), I installed a DTA race computer, which I can adjust at any modified engine. Cost a lot of bucks, but I have a lot. Now I have a multi point injectionsystem, everything electronic. It works almost the same as the system of a Maserati GT3200 (V8 twin turbo) but better (faster) and adjustible.

If you do not want to spend such alot of money, or you want to keep the original parts (like a MAF sensor etc.) you can use the newest system of Acell. I have heard that is easy to install and easy to operate.

So, when you have your engine done, and electronic adjustible, you can boost around 650 hp out of your L98 engine! And relayeble (sorry)

I look for the webpage.
10Psi is NOTHING!

also, the pressure is not directly related to power.. you can imagine that w/ some large heads and a good flowing manifold you'll move lots of air into the engine w/o restriction.. the pressure will be less.

I have 220 CC heads w/ an induction system capable of more than 2000 cfm.. I won't need lots of boost.

A buddy of mine has run a CFI on 15psi of boost and never had a problem. If you go over 500 or so w/ a blown motor think about O-ringing the block and use oversize 400 gaskets.

Furthermore, the L98 alu heads are really thin in the deck. any amount of seriosu boost will crack the heads.

It depents what you want, if your only looking for a little more power, a supercharger helps always. But relayeble power for on the street, bolt on for the vette.

I had kontakt last week, with a supercharger builder, yes thats right, a builder. The make tousands of those things for several applications.

He say: "if your running on 7 psi of boost, you do not need a intercooler or aftercooler, on the other hand, it will gives you extra power"

this one is from me: "Why take the riks ? "

What do gain and what are the cost? I think you can do a lot of other thing with you money, and have the same or more power.

What are you saying?

It's possible to run around 10 psi without an intercooler. The trick is in using the right gasoline, correct timing, large chambered heads and domed pistons (coated.. swaintech!).

I think running such a low boost is a waste of money. For that cash you could easily build a larger cubed normally aspirated engine for instance w/ 18 degree heads and have more (and more reliable) power.

Running without an intercooler is throwing away half of the power potential.

Do you realize you will need a pop off valve (Blow off valve) because you have a stickshift?

What do you gain with an intercooler? well more power potential, less likelyhood of detonation and the likes.

Also remember, the RON values of the gasoline in the US and where we live is different! They're NOT the same. our 98 equals the 92 US stuff! Don't be fooled into thinking you can run a high compression (or boost) because of supposedly better gasoline.. our gasoline is junk. Not only in the RON department, the additives are poorer too (environmentalists on the move!)

so.. if you're spending a lot of bucks be wise and invest in the cooler


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