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Suspension Improvment


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Jan 11, 2001
Enschede, The Netherlands
1982 Twin Turbocharged Red/Black
inferno-vette said:
Yep, I can take a few pics. Dont have any pics from the instalation though. There is also a kit available to change to a R&P I think VBP??? or Corvette Central??? can't remember! It costs around $1K...

The 1K$ kit is the steeroids conversion. I think ti is speeddirect that makes it (if I remember correctly)

Is it advertized in the major catalogs now? Haven't seen it there..

Pics of the setup as you have it now will be more than enough.. thanks a lot!



Me Too! Me Too!

I would absolutely love to see pics of the rack & pinion on a Shark. Currently, I have been picking the brains of some local rodders, but none of them have ever tried a Corvette conversion. A few months ago I asked about this conversion, but was dissuaded by other members. One suggestion was to convert a Saginaw 800 power box onto the Corvette. The problem with that is finding someone who can lengthen the shaft to fit the OEM pitman arm location and have it still be sturdy enough to handle high performance driving. I haven't found anyone that is willing to do this yet. Does anyone think that the Saginaw 800 is a viable and realistic idea?

I have a R&P unit from a '96 1LE Firebird. The tie rods and u-joint/shaft connector to the steering cloumn are also in my possession. When I laid down the unit underneath my Vette, it seemed a few inches longer, as both sides rubbed against the inside of both tires. My questions are this:

  • Is this rack from the Firebird 1LE suspension the same as the C4?
  • If it's the same, should I change to shorter tie-rods or just to a C4 tie-rods?
  • What size u-joints and shaft were used to accomodate the original column to the rack?
  • How was the location of the bracket mounts determined?
  • What material were the brackets made from?
  • Were they welded in or bolted into the frame?
Pics would much appreciated, as well all pertinent information. I want perfromance, but safety is also of paramount concern. Thanks in advance. :D


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