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t-tops in 71'



Can somebody tell me how many 1971 LT1 corvettes were made with t-tops.It would help me out so much i have been looking for weeks and can't find the answer.I know the LT1 is rare by itself and i figure its more rare with t-tops.Thanks for reading this.

Welcome to CAC! I do not know the answer to your question, but I am sure you will find this online Corvette community is full of great folks that are eager to help each other out.

Do you have an LT1?
My Corvette Black Book states that LT1 350ci, 330hp Engine,Qty 1,949.. Don't know how many of the LT1 was either a conv. or T-top ... Now the ZR1 with the special LT1 engine package only 8 were made..Maybe someone else will know for sure..:TALK
T-Top verses Convertibles... is the question

From 1968 ~ 1975 the Corvette was offered in either a T-Top (Coupe) or a Convertible. The Convertible came with optional hard top, and in some years came with another hard top option ~ Vinyl.

The 1971 came with several options, basically engine types
the LT1 some of the engine options where LS5; LS6; ZR1; ZR2 there were 1,949 ~ LT1's built; 188 ~ LS6's; 5097 ~ LS5's; 8 ~ ZR1's; 12 ~ ZR2's and of all the production for 1971 ... 14,860 where T-Tops (Coupes) and 7,121 where Convertibles.

I know this doesn't answer you question about the numbers of Coupes vs Convertible LT1 built, but interesting never the less.

LT1boy said:
Can somebody tell me how many 1971 LT1 corvettes were made with t-tops.

If you find the answer to your question and you also happen across the answer to "How many 1971 454 4-speed convertibles were built", please let me know!

Barb :w
also why didnt they?how else would they know how many cars with sertain options were built without keeping record of them?

Here's my feable attempt at this but first I will give you an excerpt from the Corvette Black Book by Michael Antonick. His explanation, though long, is one of the best I've ever run across. He explains how someone (ProTeam is famous for this) comes up with numbers like a car that is 1 of 12, or 1 of 400. The actual raw data does not know nor will it ever exist. As much as we might wish, auto makers just didn't feel the need to maintain such a huge cross reference of every option combination someone could have possibly concocted when ordering a vehicle. IMHO this falls under the 'buyer beware' category as these numbers, though based loosely on fact, are pure conjecture.

Michael explains extrapolation as such:
"Extrapolation? A dictionary definition is to project known data or experience into an area not known or experienced so as to arrive at a conjectural kknowledge of the unknown area. Said another way, it means using what you know to guess what you don't."

I'll paraphrase the rest using the 71 LT-1 question to explain. The Black Book states (as Bud explained previously) that of the 21,801 Corvettes built in 1971, 14,680 were coupes which comes out to roughly 67%. It states also that 1,949 of the total production were LT-1 optioned cars. Using extrapolation, one can take 67% of 1,949 and say that 1,312 LT-1 optioned cars were coupes and 637 were convertibles. This would, conceivably, make a '71 LT-1 coupe 1 of a mere 1,312 built. You could take it a step further and say that if the car was Nevada Silver (total production count of 1,177 = @5%) then it is 1 of 65. The extrapolation could go on and on down to the very last option on a build sheet, diciding further and further as you go.

This method is, however, riddled with holes. One could say that the example used above is no good because LT-1's were the top dog small block and more than average were coupes for the added stability. Someone could just as easily argue the oposite since I recall seeing John Greenwood running around in more than one hard top convertibles.

Bud's answer is the most acurate that can be given on such a topic. As I stated previoulsy, the rest is nothing more than pure conjecture and, more often than not, bragging and sales hype meant to inflate a price beyond a car's true market value.

If you don't mind, I'll step down off of my soap box and take my trusty black book with me because my fingers are sore.

Barb - give me five then check your PM inbox.
71SHRAK thank you for that,i thought that i could take the % of LT-1s made and do what you said.you have been very helpful.
sorry to bother you again shark but i have the mille miglia red so that would be roughly 2% of 1971 LT-1 coupes made?
LT1boy said:
sorry to bother you again shark but i have the mille miglia red so that would be roughly 2% of 1971 LT-1 coupes made?

2%, explain?

2,180 MM Reds were built, that's 10% of total prod. If 1312 were LT-1 coupes, that makes 131. Again, I must emphasize that these numbers don't count for much.
i must have got my math wrong on it.i just wanted to know around how many MM red LT-1s were made just to see how rare my car is.

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