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Tach Circuit Board ?????



In Dec. of last year I replaced the tach circuit board. Today I noticed the tach needle jumping so I removed the the tach. Reinstalled it and now nothing. Can it be a bad circuit board??? I also replaced the tach filter. Can a circuit board go bad in such a short period of time???
tach problems

cc, Take the tach back out and send it to Corvett Clocks by Rodger. Call him @ 901-664-6120. his co does a great job.
Thanks 1yy07 I will call him on Monday.:cool
Well I called Rodger today and they want $145. to repair tach also called Ecklers and they said to send tach circuit board and their techs will check it of course they have none in stock until the 18th of May. So out comes the tach circuit board and off to Ecklers..
Before you send it off... take a look at it under a light, check for cracked runs (the silver solder path for the circuits). Flex the board a little to see if you see any hair line cracks.. if you do you can solder them back sometimes or use a small copper wire to bridge the crack.

Also do a smell test of the board.. this may sound funny but... smell each component on the board to see if any smell burnt. Also make sure the connnections are clean... use a pencil eraser to clean them. Sorry I am so quick here, but I need to get out to the Van Pool for the 2 1/2 hour commute home :eek

I'll check in later when I get home... good luck.. ;)

Thanks BudD,
I will remove the tach tomorrow. I have been working everyday on my boat for a month.Hopefully it will be in the water by Friday and Key West here we come...:cool

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