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Tank Sticker. Leave it on or have it taken off?



I have a 1973 BB Conv that has the tank sticker on it. Should I have it removed to try to preserve it or leave it on?
Tank Sticker

Tough question Tim73454.
Mine is still on my 80 Vette, I'm leaving it until I must drop the gas tank, or for the next owner. Whichever comes first.
I tried to get it without removing the tank but was un-succesfull. It's there, can feel it and see it through the gas lid openning but cannot pull it off the glue without tearing it to shreds!

My vote is to leave it for the next owner, or at least until you have to remove the tank.
I say go for it! Drop that tank and get that baby before mother nature and time take it away! It maybe it's too far gone now to be worth it, so take a peek first and see if it's worth saving.
I don't know how 'orignal' you want to keep your vette, but to me just having that document safe and stored is worth alot! Especially on resale or display at shows!
Both of my vettes have been modified 'mystery' cars. I've put quite-a-bit of research into finding out what they are and were. What I would give to have a tank sticker on mine!
Dropping the tank (to me) isn't a big deal. Just empty it first.
Go for it...


If there is any way to get it w/o a major project, go for it. It is the best documentation for validating exactly what went into your Vette. In my case, having the only "known" '81 delivered in Primer Gray, the Build Sheet enabled me to show proof of this rare delivery option. Just my .02 worth. But be VERY careful, as time and the environment have most likely degraded the paper. Mine is about 95% complete. Good Luck. Let us know if you successfully get it off.

............ Nut
Yep, Go for it. Preserve it while you can............Steve
Speaking of preserving things............


I found a brown '75 coupe, L48, Tan leather, Western mags and a rusty original luggage rack. Been sitting at least 10 years outside. both bumper covers are shattered but the fiberglass seems ok. Paint is lifting off of the fiberglass and the interior is :puke . Has a rusted frame and who knows what else. I'm sure that while I was looking at it I heard it whisper "Save Me."

I have some pics in the Sony that I'll try to post if I can figure it out. I'm still a digital rookie.

I would say that unless the car is a 100% show car, pull that tank sticker and perserve it. Even if you leave it, get a copy/picture of it for documentation.

speaking of tank stickers

Anybody want to give some advice for the best method for removing the sticker with the least amount of damage? Thanks,
Tom, I always did have a soft spot for Charlie Browns Christmas tree. That's why Penny insists on a fake tree now.........I have a 71 cpe that a friend and I went together on also a 67 Camaro Convert and a 68 Convert. These cars are, or will be for sale later, my friend is leary of the 71 cpe resale values...............But, wouldn't you know it..........I've kinda grown an attachment to it.........It does have a "brown" interior.......Steve
Re: speaking of tank stickers

eastnder said:
Anybody want to give some advice for the best method for removing the sticker with the least amount of damage? Thanks,

Hey Jim, this is not relevant to the tank sticker per se, but I saw a good tip the other day in Old Cars Weekly News and Marketplace for removing other stickers, whether you are restoring, or if you are simply replacing old stickers such as horsepower emblems, graphics, etc.. It recommended using a little heat (sparingly) to gently warm the adhesive, and some fishing line to ease between the sticker and the paint as you lift the sticker clear.

Just thought I'd mention it here rather than start a new post. ;)

I have to agree with most of my CAC brethren, take that puppy off while it's still intact. Mother nature is quite unkind to paper products so yank it.

Approx. 4 months ago I went on a Tank Sticker hunt on my car finding it on the passenger side top of the gas tank. Now what I did to remove the document has been deemed by others I've spoken too as VERY BRAVE but it worked for me. I was able to reach my hand up over the tank actually feel the paper (soft/pliable to the touch) and gently recover it. Now I might have been extremely lucky to get it this way, but I'm glad I've got it because it told me of items about the car that I wold have not known without it IE: Came with white line tires, and heavy duty battery, as well as documenting the car as an LT-1 etc.

I would vote for removal. But most everyone I spoke to about the subject advised dropping the gas tank. Photographing the document, then gently removing it.
For the hard core original person, I've heard stories of photo copying the sticker sealing it in some protective sleeve and re-affixing the copy it to the top of the gas tank.

Good luck
'72 LT-1 Roadster
Thanks for all your input guys. I have the tank out of the car so like everyone says , I'll go slow
Too late for mine...

The guys who are doing the body work/paint on the Blue Beast found the tank sticker & carefully removed it for me and put it in a large plastic ziploc bag, but the car info is completely unreadable. Most of it is covered in a dark brown (oil looking) substance, and what isn't completely brown doesn't appear to have any "typing". :( All you can make out is the pre-printed information on the form itself (so you can see that it says "Corvette" at the top).

I wish one of the prior owners had taken it off and preserved it... Does anyone know if there's a process that can be used to make the car info "reappear"? ;help

Barb :w
(tongue in cheek here) send it into the F.B.I. and tell them you think it is a secret message from O.B.L. and see if they can run it through there lab.. :D

Seriously you may look for a place that restores or recovers historical documents, they may have a process that can recover the information, then you could transcribe it onto a newer Build Sheet.. and KEEP the original..


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