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Theft system


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Sep 4, 2016
I bought a 1985 Vette and the horn did not work. I thought it was the relay so while replacing it I noticed the fuse was blown. So I replaced the fuse first and the horn went on instantly (scared the ----out of me)and then blew after a couple seconds. So I changed out the relay, then put a new fuse in and horn went off again. This time though, the fuse didn't blow so the relay must have been bad. However the horn stayed on until I pulled the fuse. I checked the circuit for shorts and found nothing. Even pulled the steering wheel and replaced the spring base to be sure no grounding. Horn cap switch not grounding either. So I pulled the fuse and gave up. Recently I was removing the door panel on the drivers door and noticed what looked like a light socket without a bulb in it on the face of the door left of the end of the panel. The switch detent assembly is gone though. Does anyone know if the two problems could be related? Could the missing switch be tied to the theft system and be causing my horn problem? Either way, does anyone know where to get a replacement switch? Sorry for the long post

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