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This is the Vette I cruise in

Call me slow, but I didn't get it until now! :eek:

Welcome CorvetteJames, lil' Bro to Racer78. :upthumbs
Nice looking vette. And I do love red! Our cars have something in common. My vette is made up of several other vettes too. My car has a 73 vin along with the 73 rear end. The frame is from a 77, the rest of the body is from an 80. The engine is from a 70 Camaro and the tranny (Saginaw) is from who knows what. My wife calls it "Frankenvette".


Frankenvette....... I love that. :_rock

......... Nut :grinsanta
Now, if only his name were Frank...

When I was looking for a vette, I wanted a good, clean driver to work on. Matching numbers was never really a factor. As you stated, way to many people put to much importance into "matching numbers". Sure they have their place if you are into NCRS and stuff. My brother has an original, unmolested 80. I wanted a fun car that I could pay cash for and work on over the next few years. To add to that, my vette is in better shape than many if have seen at shows. The value of my car is the big smile I get when I drive her. I would take my Frankenvette convertible any day over my brothers all original 80 coupe.

One last note. The author of one of my vette resto books even writes that there is to much emphasis placed on numbers matching. He goes on to say that if you want a fun driver with no plans for NCRS showing, get the best car you can regardless of numbers matching. Everything being equal, I would certainly prefer numbers matching, but I'm not willing to pay extra for it just to have a project car.



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