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Throttle Body coolant bypass routing...

The kit says you can just connect both hoses to the aluminum bypass. Bull#$&*. There is no way on my car that the factory hoses will meet on my92.
I went out and bought about 2ft of hose. Used about 18".
I connected the adapter to the heater hose and the new hose. Left the heater hose in its cradle. Snaked the new hose right underneath the snorkel. Where the ribbed section is just ahead of the TB inlet. There is a nice space to slide it through in that area and it stays clear of everything. Then plugged it into the upper hose T. I tie-wrapped the new hose to the snake clamp that holds the upper hose on the thermostat housing. This stops it from moving around and touching the serpentine belt. Fits great. No problems. I also plugged the tubes on the TB.
I'd get you a picture but my digital camera needs batteries...
Kit? I don't need no stinking kit! :L

As you can see from my picture (click on it to enlarge it), I've simply run mine through the opening between the a/c compressor and the other a/c hose. I also used the two existing pieces of hose with a male adapter to mate them just under the throttle position sensor, until I get out and buy some more hose. I gotta get some more vacuum hose too, I keep finding more and more of it that is old and deteriorating. :eyerole

Why are ya'll doing this? What is the advantage? I understand that it will allow cooler air to enter the TPI, but what happens when cooler weather comes in, won't this effect cold weather operation?
Did you happen to notice where I live? I have no need to pre-heat the incoming air, my throttle plates will never ice up in sunny Southern California.

And by the way, what a difference it makes; I can actually lean on the engine now with my hand on the clean air cover without burning it. ;)

I had to buy the stinkin' kit... couldn't find a male adapter at my local parts store with the right size on each end to mate it up. Which I could have. I enlarged the picture. Nice job. I didn't notice it at first. Looks like it belongs there :)
Supposedly good for ~3-4hp because of the cooler air. The factory installs it to stop vapor lock in very cold climates. It would have to be awfully cold considering how hot Vetes run...
Gentlemen, thanks for the info....yet another thing to add to the list of things to do....never ending list I might add...:)
After work and weekends since I have owned the ole gal, have found me under the hood, inside a door, under the car, head in a wheel well. Friends and neighbors always ask, "what is wrong with it now?" And I reply...nothing just tweaking this and that.
Like most of you I love my car and there is always something to do, if nothing else I try to wear out the armor-all....they say the definition of a boat is a hole in the water into which one pours money...wonder what the definition of a vette is?:L
Hey man, all I know is every time I get to the back, I gotta start over again at the front. :L
Never ending list is right...
Both my daughters continually ask What's wrong with it now? .. or.. Just how many times do you need to clean that thing?
My wife has resigned herself to the fact that I just tinker and adjust and doesn't even ask what I'm doing anymore, just how much does this 'improvement' cost :(
She told my daughters it's a sickness that seems to affect mostly men and some women. There is no explanation :D
If you have the BALLS

Hey, If you really want to torture yourshelf, Buy a C3 :eek
Advantage with the C3's is alot of the parts are more reasonably priced (motor & drivetrain anyway) , but something is always squeeking, rattling, LEAKING, and of course requires dis-assembly to properly clean.

The TB Bypass works fine down to at least 30deg. F. probably colder, but I've tested mine down to that. It's usually parked when it's that cold.

On LT1's, no kit is required, you may want to purchase rubber vacum caps from the "help" section of most auto parts stores and cap the two ends on the throttle body that you pulled the hoses off of. Gives it a cleaner look.

I don't have a picture, I don't have a digital camera yet!
Re: If you have the BALLS

fastglass95 said:
Hey, If you really want to torture yourshelf, Buy a C3 :eek

Thanks Tom, for all of us C4 people here that, all too often, are overshadowed by the Sharks beauty, when we forget about their own trials and tribulations in dealing with aging vehicles. ;)

I am not sure I understand the correlation between ownership of specific year corvette's and wether or not certain parts of the male anatomy are still attached... :confused


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