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timing question?



Hi all, got my carb adjusted. now i have a timing issue. when the balancer is on the timing tab it sets between #1-#8 on the cap. when it goes around one time its dead on #5. so my question. is it possible its off a tooth. or can i bring it in by turning the dist. i am putting a timing light on tonight.it runs o. k.once it is started. but after it heats up it doesn`t want to start. also it starts hard. i drove it home but didn`t put any throttle into as its new to me. any advice is appreciated. thanks.


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Jul 3, 2001
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Each time the crank turns a full 360, the timing goes 180--in other words, due to the engine being a "four stroke", it fires every other time.

You need to check your vacuum advance module and make sure that is it moving free and not sticking along the way. When you set the base timing, pull the vacuum off of the dist. Set your base then reconnect. If your motor is stock, it should put you right where you need to be.

If modified, get an adjustable timing light. Leave the vacuum connected and run the motor up about 2,000-3,000 RPM. While holding at a constant RPM, turn the dist back and fourth until you hit around 36-38 total degrees advanced. Most SBC engines like to be in this range. What you will do is dial the 36 or 38 degrees into the timing light dial. You will move the dist around while the engine is running until the pointer on the timing cover hits the zero mark. This is the best way (providing your balancer has not slipped) to get an accurate timing reading.

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