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Tire Cradles ??



Has anyone every tried these? I store my car in the winter and have a need to move it every once in a while. Jack stands are a pain to have to replace the wheels to move the car. At $300 they are supposed to eliminate flat spotting of the tires no matter how long they sit. Any other recommendations ??

1991 Coupe
I head up to Chicago every winter to see the folks and every year help my Dad get the cars ready for winter. Last year we cut 2ft. X 2ft. squares of 3/4" plywood and placed them underneath each wheel of his '93. This seemed to work perfectly. Every couple of weeks he'd roll the car out and back in just to move the tires around. This is a pretty easy and rather cheap solution. Best of luck.....


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the gentleman that has the patient for the tire cradle has a GS and is on the GS registry. contact him at John Potocki jcp@tirecradle.com and ask him why u need to spend 300.00 for a tire cradle

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