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Tire inflation for Cordovans



I bought a 1981 coupe last October, which had a set of Cordovan Grand Prix Radial G/T tires (P255/60R15), in very good condition, on it. I called four retailers to ask about recommended inflation and got four answers - 30 lbs, 32 lbs, 35 lbs and 36 lbs.

I'm a computer consultant and not very auto mechanics-savvy. My guess would be that different inflations give you a harder or softer ride. My objective would be longevity of the tire. I probably wouldn’t notice a difference in the ride. Also, is this a decent tire or a cheapie?

Would you share with me your opinion on the inflation of these particular tires, and what the tradeoffs in general are? Incidentally, I'm new to Corvette ownership and this forum, and both have been a delightful experience!
First of all Ron, I want to welcome you to the CAC. I checked out your web page and that is a nice ride you have there. Lot's of L-81ers here (not me though) who will be happy to see another one.

As for the tires, I've seen tires that say "Grand Prix" on the sidewalls all over the place on cars but I've never seen them in a store. I've always wodered where they came from. I'm sure the inflation would be about the same as others the same size so someone will probably speak up soon to tell you what they run. My tires are skinnier than that so I can't help you out.
:w Welcome aboard Rojo:w

I run 34lbs on the BFG T/A same size. As far as your tire , I'm not familiar with the brand so I have to pass on comparison but enjoy that great Shark.:cool

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