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I think he was saying that 340 was about the max traction you would get in a 40 or 45 series tire in a size for the C4.
Newbie, can you find those Kumho's to fit the rear wheel (285/40-17)? I can only seem to find them up to 275/40.
275/40's will fit the rear wheel of non ZR1 +GS vettes from '93-96... that is what Z51 cars use, and also 17 inch rimmed vettes from 88-92 had 275's on all four corners from the factory. There isn't much difference between the 285's and 275's
yep... be happy! My vette has 17x9.5 inch rims all around (because of the Z51) and it came with 275/40/17's... also, I am running the Kumho tires on the front, and I love them so far... The rear tires still have some life in them, but I assure you I will go with Kumho when the GSC's die.... I assume you have ZR1 5 spokes, or another later model wheel on your '86? If you have the mis-matched set (9.5 rear, 8.5 front) it wouldn't be a terrible idea to find a used set of 9.5's to put on the front, and go 275/40 on all 4... this makes tire life longer because you can actually rotate the tires, and i think the handling is better too.
Thanks for the info... I'm indeed happy and will order my tires today.

I've got the stock '96 sawblade wheels (the price was right - those freebies that were offered here like a month ago). I ordered the wheel adapters from Corvette Central while at Carlisle. Good idea about going 9.5 all around, but I think I'll wait on that for now. Between the adapters and the tires and a helmet for the track, my toys budget is a bit low. Maybe if I get a decent chunk of change for the stock 16" wheels I can get the fronts. Before anyone asks, no my Vette is nowhere near numbers-matching so I'm not in the slightest concerned about keeping the stock parts I remove.


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