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Too cold causes problem



The other night I went to my first vette club meeting and got caught in snow storm. My passive key wouldn't work, cd player doesn't work if it's below 40 and now my driver's window quick down doesn't work anymore after the snow storm. But I was very happy with how well the vette did in the snow, glad I have traction control. The car only has 7,000 miles on it and is a 94.
That is strange. Maybe the cold weather causes something to contract and loose good contact on a main i/p ground.

That would be nearly impossible to track down, because you could only test it in sub 40 degree weather.

Maybe that was the cars way of trying to keep you home in the garage.
Yes you will have problems if the temp drops on the C/D player, as for the express down if the window worked the express down should have if you held the button long enough but I would suspect the you could have had such a slow moving window that maybe it did not stay powered long enough for the window to make it all the way down. Now for the passkey again maybe it was slowing down the power locks so much they were unable to unlock the door with the quick operation the passkey gives them, so I guess you could say there is a good chance that the very cold weather could have given you the problems you had.

David Fulcher

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