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Torque Conversion



I just received the Assembly Manual for my 1980, and found the Torques for everything are listed in Newton-Meters. Does anyone know where I can get a conversion chart?

Straight out of the Machinist Handbook


Have fun with this mess:

( 1 newton-metre = 8.850748 pound-force-inches)
( 1 newton-metre = 0.737562 pound-force-feet)

Hope this helps.

........ Nut
Thanks. It's a start. Can't imagine why GM would do such a thing though. Do you think they have any surplus NM torque wrenches for sale? :)


Actually torque wrenches are commomly available dual scale in NM/ft lbs. or NM/in lbs. from a variety of suppliers.

Thanks Dale, learn something new every day.

Both of my Craftsman torque wrenches have metric / and standard U.S. and they are from the mid-80's. And I believe that GM did it (as you say) because most of your car's hardware is metric.....
Ain't that the truth...

You're right Ken. My '81 has such a mix of hdwr I have to darn near have to drag the tool box under the car just to keep from getting up every 5 seconds to switch socket sets. You gotta love it.

......... Nut
from http://www.craftsman.com
Craftsman Torque Wrench
3/8 in. square drive wrench measures 10 to 75 ft. lb. in 0.5 ft. lb. increments. Superior internal mechanisms reduce friction and provide accurate and consistent measurements.

Micrometer-type scales stamped into housing show torque settings in both English and metric units


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