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Trade requested

Apr 29, 2001
Rio Rancho, NM
1981 HD Suspension; ZN1 Option

I have a brand new K&N filter replacement element for the L81 engine air cleaner. NEVER USED! Looking to trade it for a new K&N 14" X 3" filter element.

Is anyone planning to install this type of filter in their L81's? I purchased it (still have receipt) for use on my vette; however, major changes to the engine do not allow me to use the stock air cleaner...:duh I changed the carb to a Holley 770...the stock air cleaner won't fit....:SLAP

Any takers?

Never mind! I found someone who traded me for the 14" X 3".
Hey Gerry glad to hear you found a trade, I was giving serious consideration to seeing if you might want to sell it. Rare and I were discussing it :argue :SLAP ;)


I would have saved it for you should I have gotten the word. Anyways, it is about $43 dollars in Autozone. I was avoiding wasting those bucks for something I cannot readily use.

I am curious... how it would perform in a stock air cleaner? As you know, the stock air cleaner has that carbon filter between the air filter and the carburator throat. If you ever plan to take Rare to the Dyno shop, then you could do the test there, and really measure the gain.

That would be helpful data for some of the L81'ers that still running a stock motor. I got to warn you though. There is a distinct possibility that you'll get hooked on taking the car to the Dyno often. Every change I have made is potentially a power-making change :bu , but I have to know for sure if it is. That's where the dyno comes in handy.

I am planning to go back and do some more tunning. There is the possibility for Sscamm and myself to meet either in El Paso or here in Alburqurque and do some more tuning. Help is great for saving time while at the dyno.
Ummm Bud, what exactly did Rare say back to you?

"Leave me alone, unless you want to go for a drive!! You loved me the way you found me, why do you want to change me now??"

For some reason that sounded very familar :confused :L :L

:bu :w
You loved me the way you found me, why do you want to change me now??"

I assume RARE is of the female gender???

:L :L

She is very spoiled too ;)
:bu :w

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