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Trouble with accesory lights in the interior.


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Apr 11, 2001
brooklyn n.y. usa
77 with a blown 540 in it.99 convertible all stock
About 2 weeks ago I had to leave my 99 convertible outside the garage. We had a heavy rain storm and water got inside the car. When I finally moved the car into the garage I noticed after it was shut down and all the accessory lights went out, but the light on the heater switches stayed on. I took out the rug and put a small heater into the car for about 12 hours to dry out the inside. Everything started to work as normal again. All the lights went out. Now 2 nights ago I ran the car and then pulled it into the garage and now the lights on the arm rests are staying on. And the radio light dims slowly. I checked the battery voltage tonight and it was 12.1. I put the charger on it to see if the volts can be brought up. I know these cars need full voltage to operate properly. I really haven't used the car much lately and the battery seems to run down. I also have been told that the BCM might have gotten wet and that could be the problem. And I should remove it and dry it off.

I just went down into the garage after the charger has been on the car for about an hour and is now at 14 volts and the lights now go off about 60 seconds after the others.

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