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turnsignal problem



Turnsignals wouldnt work tonight. After a few miles they seem to work then stop working again. Pulled her into the garage tonight tried the turnsignals and they wouldnt work.... Lifted the hood and let it slam and they started working..... Any ideas???
Was it both signals or just one? Do your hazards work?
Sounds like you might have some loose or corroded contacts. If it's just one side, it probably is contacts and you can usually clean them up pretty easily. If the lights come on but just don't flash, you need a new flasher. If that isn't it, your flasher may be loose and slamming the hood may have jarred the dash enough to knock some sense back into it. I think the flasher on your car is under the dash on the passenger side. If none of that works, you may have a frayed wire shorting out somewhere and that means tracing the wires to find it. Some of the other guys here will probably have some more ideas for you too. Good Luck!

Oh yeah, don't slam the hood too much; you can crack the fiberglass around where the hood mounts on the front end clean off of the car and that can be ugly. Mine is cracked already from the previous owner so I lay the hood down then press each side closed with my hand to be safe.
Intermittent Electrical Problems... :(


From the sounds of what you are discribing, it sounds like a contact making when it wants too :mad

Eric is on the right track, and good advise about "slamming the hood down too"..

I would check the fuse for good contact, the flasher unit too. The fuse is a 20 amp, almost in the middle of the fuse panel, the directional flasher is at the lower right side. It may still have a small capacitor across the leads too, this is for radio noise surpression. I threw mine away :) if interference is a problem it is usually AM anyway. If niether of these suggestion helps, then I would move onto the grounds.. I doubt if there is a short, that would cause the fuse to blow.. an open ground sounds more feasable to me..

There are 2 primary grounds for the directional system. The rear on is located on the passagers side on the frame near the trailing arm assy... the front one is on the frame on fender side of the drivers door kick panel frame.

Good luck chasing these little gremlins around, also check all your directional light sockets for good grounds and that the sockets are clean too..

Man oh man Yoda, when I'm your age (in another 900 years or so) I hope to have learned half of what you know.

But not for memories, we have lost

Young jedi Eric, time waits for youth, but fast does it pass

Hey Bud..... I think we resemble that. Age does have it's advantages. Yoda, Maybe I should roll across the Woodwow Wilson Bridge and smack him around a little for ya. Us "old" guys can always use the exercise (and entertainment):D

Later ....... Nut
Loose Flasher!! Round blue flasher located in the fuse box upper right side... ****** was ready to fall out..........
Thanks for all the help!! Rich.......


Don't you wish they were all that easy to fix? Watch that hood slamming, I won't drop mine from any higher than a couple inches. Good goin'!!

....... Nut

It is always nice to see a post back with results.. ;)

Re: Whew...

Don't you wish they were all that easy to fix?
Oh man Nut, you nailed that one on the head. So does this mean my "loose" steering box is going to be that simple? :J

Rich, aren't you glad you joined the CAC :D .
Thanks guys ... Nice too have people around thatcan help!!!
threw it away

I just replaced my flasher the other day and found that radio capacitor that Rare 81 mentioned. Boy mine looked like something out of a 1940s radio. It was kind of brown looking paper covered thing. I took it off and didnt notice any difference.
Re: threw it away

resto75 said:
...found that radio capacitor that Rare 81 mentioned....
I had no idea what that thing was when I replaced my flasher but it looked old and original so I just left it there. I don't use the radio anyhow since I have one in the back.

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