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Two and a half time owner...


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Oct 11, 2012
Hollister, CA
1988 35th Anniversary
Please allow me explain.

I bought my first Corvette back in 1989, when I was 28 years old, it was a 1988 35th Anniversary Edition (car #15 of 2050 produced). A beautiful car, White on White on White, but I probably don't have to tell you guys, you are the Corvette experts. My California license plate read "15 of 2K"

I only had the car for a couple years and then my second child came along and I traded it in for... yes, a mini-van. (To be honest, it was a White Chevy Astro with White wheels and some aftermarket body panels - looked alot like my Vette, and I actually really liked that van). I told my wife, when I traded in the Corvette, that someday I would own that car once again.

Once again came 14 years later when my son was old enough to drive. I found another 1988 35th Anniversary car on eBay for sale in North Carolina. It was car #1695 and was in pretty good shape - as best I could tell over the internet. I was high bidder and wired the money to a family friend that lived in Charlotte. He picked up the car and sat on it for a couple months until I could arrange for my son and I to fly to North Carolina. My son went to DMV and got his learners permit, and then he and I flew to NC and drove it home (with a brief stop for new mufflers and a tire balance). What a way to learn to drive... in your dad's Corvette across the US.

So the current Corvette is my second 1988 Anniversary Edition, and my California license plates now read "28 Again" hence the username.

Although now I am 52, and looking for a newer, safer, softer, more technology filled Corvette. In a perfect world, this new Corvette would be a White C5 Convertible with a light grey interior (a VERY hard to come-by package). I'm keeping my eye out though and my 1988 is available for sale if anyone is interested.

Nice to meet you all. :w
Welcome Jim. I sold my White with gray leather 92 back in 2005 when i bought my C6. It was a great combo. Hope you find what you are looking for.
What a nice story!


Enjoy your new C4 and the forums!
:wJane Ann
Welcome to the CAC!
Good luck on your search for a newer Vette - hope you find one.

Very nice story! And it's nice to have you back in the Corvette world!

Welcome to CAC!!!!
Welcome to CAC. The Corvette you want is out there, it may take some searching, but it's there. My story is similar, but what counts is you're back in the saddle.
Thought I'd throw a in couple pictures of my current 35th.
(Keeping in mind, it's for sale if anyone is interested).

GEDC0165 small.jpg GEDC0164 small.jpg


Very nice 88, Jim. Certainly doesn't look like most 24 year old cars on the road today. . . but then look how it started. ;)

Good luck with your search.
Keep us posted.
:wJane Ann
Very nice 88, Jim. Certainly doesn't look like most 24 year old cars on the road today. . . but then look how it started. ;)

Good luck with your search.
Keep us posted.
:wJane Ann

Thanx. In truth, the sunlight was being good to me that day.
I had literally just rolled the car out of one of my garages to take some pictures.
It's one of the reasons I like White cars so much... even a dirty one can look clean from a distance.


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