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Universal Joints



What is the proper torque spec for the strap bolts on the u-joints?

Thanks in advance for the help...
I'm looking in my Haynes manual. It says ft-lbs. Man that is a big difference between in-lbs and ft-lbs. Does someone have a real GM shop manual that can check.
Yeah I'm with you. RjVette should use your numbers. 18 ft-lbs seems reasonable now I think about it. The other numbers on the page make sense. I would agree that is probably a misprint.
I think I'll order that real shop manual now...
My 1985 GM Shop Manual says "22 - 29 ft-lbs" for the strap (trunnion) bolts on the U-Joints.
Thanks for all the helpful advice. I have to pick up a new bolt today to replace the one I broke. While I'm at the dealer, I am going to find out what the proper specs are.

In my research so far, it seems that the straps for the drive shaft are 22-29 ft lbs and the half shafts maybe 150 ft lbs. This still seems like alot.....

Thanks again,

GM Shop Manual for 1986 Corvette says:
For driveshaft torque retaining strap bolts to 150 in. lbs.
For Trunion straps at side gear yoke torque 26 ft. lbs.
For trunion straps at spindle yoke torque 26 ft. lbs.
Thanks for the GM Manual info janciello.....

I just updated my Haynes. It says Ft/Lbs for everything. The rest of the numbers seem ok. I'll chalk that up to a misprint.
And I'll go get the real service manual...
Have 2 good 6 point sockets before you start. preferably a Craftsman so when you break one you can get a new one.

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