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Update to 82 Collector NO START troubleshooting


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Jun 6, 2016
1982 Collector
This is a new thread covering my Won't Start Up issues. Once we confirmed the ECM, fuses, and all relays were working, we verified there was no spark going from the Coil to the Spark Plugs. Last night I received the new Power Coil, and removed the top off of the old one. What I found was complete failure of several internal parts to include the distributor cap, the metal conduit on the Rotor had sheared off of the rotor assembly and was just laying inside the distributor housing along with the two sheared plastic retainer screws that hold the metal conduit to the rotor assembly. No wonder no spark, eh?

Before I install the new Power Coil assembly I would like to hear thoughts from you all on what may have caused this failure. Normal wear-and-tear or did some other engine-related failure trigger the damage to the coil and rotor? I ask this because I have relatively the same HEI Power Coil assembly in my 1968 Firebird for over ten years now with no failures or replacements.
That looks like an aftermarket rotor. I've not been impressed with the quality of many pieces I've seen over the years. Since this component and the cap do not contribute to performance, I'd stick with OEM stuff.
Correct, its a HyperTech #4050 Power Coil and Rotor Assembly. I am hoping the replacement rotor is "idiot-proof" and can only be installed in one direction. That will keep me from having to realign the " #1 Spark Compression at TDC" method of installation. Hope so. Will find out tonight.
On your picture of the rotor.........
The screw hole at the top of the picture has a notch cut out of the rotor edge that aligns with a "pin" on the part
that it screws onto. The bottom screw hole does NOT have the notch. It will only go on one way, and if you haven't
loosened the distributor the timing will not have moved.
Andy :w
Thanks, Andy and all you others that gave info and opinions. Installed the new Coil and Rotor last night and she fired right up. After a 5 minute warm-up she was idling higher than normal (1500-1700) in park. That may be because I have the new ECM chip installed and the chip and the engine need to get to "know each other". Unable to take her for a spin due to bad weather, but will cruise around the neighborhood tonight and see if she calms down a bit.
Great to hear she fired right up! I wouldn't worry about the old rotor and just enjoy the ride :)

Greetings Peter

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