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Dec 7, 2001
San Antonio, TX
Ok....decided to do just a couple of mods to my 95. Got the K&N, will do the Cat gut this weekend. Now, in order to get the real vette sound, I'm looking at going with an LT4 hot cam. I can pick one up from a friend for $500 and he'll install for another $200. He swears this'll give me that nice loping sound that no exhaust system can ever hope to duplicate. That means I'd have about $750 invested, along with a few hours of my time, to get both a significant sound enhancement and a good kick in the pants for the car. What's the collective opinion of this distinguished forum in regards to the cam upgrade???

The LT4 cam is just part of the equation of why the LT4 engine is so strong. The LT4 also has roller rocker arms, lighter valves, different computer tuning and a few other small tricks to the heads, etc.

I don't think you are going to get that much of an improvement off of that cam. You would be better served to install a complete repacement cam like the Crane 2050 LT1 roller, or any of the super cams from TPis.

Watch out on the Cat gut. You are going to throw the second set of O2 sensors for a loop and it will run poor. You will need to get the O2 fake signal sensor to make this work.

Not to mention, it is like a $50,000 Federal fine to tamper with or destroy the emissions system.

Look at Cat back systems. You really don't loose as much power as you think through the Cat. Removing the Cat will make the car louder and even cause it to loose a little bottom end torque.
69MYWAY is offering good advice. You can't really just throw a different cam in and expect improvement. You have to have all the components matched up - heads, cam, induction, compression ratio and exhaust. It wouldn't suprise me to see less performance out of the engine after putting the lt-4 cam in.
Pulling the Cats isnt Illegal everywhere Like here in Alberta it isnt buy BC it is so forth check into it at your police station or something

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