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Upper rad hose splits again!



My upper radiator hose split again! This is the second time in 3 months. The first hose was probably old, but this one wasn't! I got home from the store, just four blocks away, stopped the car and watched the steam pour out from under the hood. Popped it open and saw a steady stream of coolant hitting the belt, just below it. Can you guess what happened here? Check out the picture. The split is under the white tag, just above the belt.


I know! I know! I know!

It looks like your belt underneath is eating its way thru the radiator hose. I had a similar problem several years ago after the engine exchange that was fixed with a different shaped upper hose, routed higher over the belts.
So, either your motor mounts (one broken?) are flexing the hose into the belts or the radiator hose is resting on the running belts when under pressure.
Check the mounts and replace the hose.

Yep..... the belt


My '81 ate 'em up too until I put a real 85 amp alternator on last month. (Seems the factory model was a 63 amp. Another last of the St.L Vette suprises) Anyway the larger alt mounted differently on the cross bar support and kept the belt about 3/4" below the hose. Oh yeah, I also changed to a different shape hose too. No more antifreeze all over my nice clean engine compartment.

The Nut will be in Long Beach in March '02 for a week long meeting. Somehow I don't think the big LockMart will slide me with a C5 rental. :cry I'm good, but I ain't THAT good. :D

Later........ Nut
There is a belt guard attached to the bracket on the L81. Does the '79 have one there Shay? It is supposed to be adjusted 1/4" above the belt after tensioning. Motor mount sounds like a possibility too, good call Heidi.....
Thanks all!

My friends at the CACC,

I really appreciate all of your help! I'm going to check the positioning of the hose tomorrow, and to see if there is a hole for the bolt, where the belt/hose guard is supposed to be attached. I don't have one there now.

Like Heidi, I've been working on my car myself. In-between running kids to various sports activities, the park and generally trying to keep them and me, from going stir crazy during summer, I haven't had much time to open the hood. I'm not sure if the motor mount is broken, when I get a chance I'll look.

Heidi says,"the radiator hose is resting on the running belts when under pressure." Yeah, I think so too. It would make sense that the rubbing caused it to split. Smart girl, Heidi! You should come out here and we can tear apart my car together! I'll supply the :drink

I guess bad things happen in three's. Yesterday, the hose. Today a speeding ticket and tonight my new digital camera stopped working! :eyerole (Yes, I need some cheese to go with my whine!) :L

Tomorrow will be better!! :)


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