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Using an auto transport



I have a problem...

I'm in FL, and my vette is in MD.

Has anyone used a door-to-door auto moving company to move their vette?

I have priced them, and they seem reasonable ($400-$500), but I worry about it sitting on one of those big trailers with someone I don't know handling it? (for 800 miles!)

It would be much easier for me to transfer the car this way, rather than driving up myself and trailering it back (Esp. with today's gas prices...)

It currently is not running well enough for me to drive it all the way, and I would rather not have it on the highway for that long.

If you have had any experience with this, or advice, please let me know.

Thank you,

t - 78 pace car

We have a Storage and Transport page here at the CAC that lists a bunch of different transport companies. Although those companies are not rated by customers....yet....there maybe one or two other companies that you may have overlooked. I'm about 5 minutes from the southern Maryland border and will check with my local Corvette club Tues. night to see if anyone has any recommendations.
Hey Rob,

Thank you for your help.

My relatives have suggested "Cars,Cars,Cars" in Baltimore.
They gave the best quote, but I havn't been able to find any information on them.

Thanks again.

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