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I am wondering ihow many utah corvette owners we have on the forum, can i get a response from them. I am thinking of having a get together and you don't have to belong to a club. so many corvette owners are left out on these things because they don't belong to a club, let's change that and have a "CORVETTE OUTING FOR ALL CORVETTE OWNERS". don't get me wrong it's okay to belong to a corvette club , but not everyone wants to. can I get a list of all utah corvette owners , let me know where you live and if you belong to a corvette club or not, maybe we can do things on the spur of the moment not just planned...

I still enjoy all other states corvette owners and hopefully in the future I can meet some of you....I have 3 corvette owners in my neighborhood and am finding more..what a great life...

I am not from Utah but I agree about the clubs, I guess I am burnt out on them .Before moving to Ohio from TN. I belonged to a Mustang and Vette club , decided not to join any here and just go to the cruise ins
Utah corvette owner here

I see that this question was asked more than a year and a half ago, but i just got my corvette in november 2002, so i searched the forum to find some more utah corvette owners. I live in murray, utah, i turn 21 in a week, on march 1, 2003, and just before thanksgiving 2002 my dad and I drove down to phoenix so i could buy my dream car, a 1982 black corvette. I don't have a picture of it yet, but i might get a digital camera soon then i'll post it.
I would be interested in hearing from some more corvette owners in utah
yea i am from utah and we can altoe
im a club member and you can join us on outings with out joining lat me know if i can help
Add me to the Utah list signed up for Corvette Club of Utah only went to few events they turn to all day events lots of fun but lawns needs mowed you know the deal
Wayne :Twist :v

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