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Vacuum System finally working..



First, glad the forums back up..Thanks Rob :)

After two months on and off effort, My headlamp and wiper doors are popping open just fine now.
I love when something thats given me so much grief, finally works. This is what happened..
Starting out, I was near clueless how the system worked, :confused especially under the dash, which I didnt want to remove, (Im Bubba with some things!!!) . But after a bunch of common sense tests and advice, I was pretty sure I had zeroed in on the culprit. The "Headlamp Relay". I Ordered a new one from Zips and it was 10 days getting to me. Put it in and got no fix at all..Im thinking its got to be something else right..Nope..after taking out the dash, and more tracing and troubleshooting I got :mad, called Zips letting them Know they'd sent me a relay that worked no better than the old dirty rusted one..They were apologetic and sent me another.. 10 days later it showed up.
The good part of the story is I just put it in, 1 hr. and the whole baffling problem is fixed.

Im not mad a zips, s..t happens, but this is a pricy little $80 part that is EASY to tell if its faulty or not..just pucker up and give it a little huff and puff..you can tell immediatly if it will hold a vacuum. Wish they had done that in the first place.
Oh well Id been putting off pulling the dash and looking back there anyway, so I finally broke that ice.

anyhoo, Yippeee its working..I can get on the road without all the extra hassle when it gets dark or rains..yeah..

cheers and beers :beer
Nice job Tom... just wait until you can pass this on to another member.. It's will give ya that same feeling all over again..

Sorry Tom but I just couldn't resist... :D


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