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Value of a '67 427 block



Hey Guys,
This fellow enthusiast needs your help!
A while back I had my '67 tripower (carb and intake not present anymore) 427 400hp, 30 over, 2 bolt main engine pulled by a shop. As it turns out, the shop "lost" the bare block. I was obviously quite unhappy over this and began doing a little research about the place where i had the work done. Apparently they tend to "lose" rare and valuable engine blocks quite often. I'm about to take legal action against the shop and need some help placing a value on the bare block. Any info will help!
If they worked on your block, they should be able to find it (how many cutomers could they have had during that time?), or claim theft, which means their insurance should cover the loss.

Was the engine the matching-number original to a Corvette owned by you?

If so, your loss really is the loss in value of the car, not the value of the block itself, since a replacement engine won't bring the car back to it's original value. You'll need to find a certified appraiser familiar with mid-year Corvettes to determine your loss and provide an expert written opinion. Any collector-car auction house should be able to recommend someone. One way to determine damages might be to purchase a matching-number car similar to yours at auction, sell what's left of yours at auction, and go to court for the difference and your expenses .

If not, then you need to be talking to vendors that sell blocks, such as Tracy Performance 586-772-8893 to determine the replacement cost.

If I found out a shop has a history of "losing" valuable engines after mine turned up "missing", I'd get a bunch of afidavits from other victims and I'd be looking for enormous punitive damages in my lawsuit!

Gidday from Ontario fellow Vetter!!

Send me a private IM and let me know where and who this shop is.. I have a good Vette contact who may be able to shed some light. Could likely also help determine a correct value for you too!

P.S. Where in Ontario are you?
If it was the orginal motor, many $$$

If the motor was orginal, It could be as much as $30000 lost value to the car. And a correct replacement engine could cost upwards of $7500 to $10000 US with correct carbs, intake and accessories.

I do know of an expert witness here in California who has given testimony in court cases.

Good luck......Sue the bastards!!!!
Part of the problem

Which I am unsure about ( but food for thought)

While I have been looking for an engine core for my 73 I've noticed 2 types of markings.

1) Just the Vin #VXXXXCHB ( the plain 8 digit)

2) Also on the same pad another number which I assumed was the match for the frame/body ID.Now all the engines I've looked at have been out of the cars.. and the cars have been long gone so there is no way to check for it.

But If my theory is correct.. the odds of finding the correct vin only are fairly large. but to get that 2nd stamping... well it's like winning the lotto...or finding the orignal thief.. who has probably decked the block ( to cover his tracks).

I would sue... but to support your case you would need a NCRS letter of explanition or expert witness to attest to this.

It's like finding a DaVinci in a home depot snap together frame kit with pexiglass cover.

The value IF you have all the orig stuff ( protect-o plate, bills of sale..etc, etc) and everything else to put your car UP there in the 50K bracket.. then your case is SOLID

( from the dammage from loss of value standpoint)

Remember the judge is talking about a CAR..not a Collectible Corvette.. and doesn't have the time for a HUGH education.. and this is NOT a case for small claims. Where the name of the game is clear the calender.

So all that being said.. any more progress?

Good hunting
( Block or Heads )


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