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Valve body components



I've managed to torque the head off of the screw that holds one of the valve's in (the one next to the 1-2 accumulator and the only one using a screw to hold it in). I know :) ... I was using a torque wrench and wasn't watching close enough. Anway, does anyone know if I can pick this bolt up anywhere or do I get to buy a whole new valvebody because of one bolt?


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Dealership for the bolt

Hi there,
You can purchase individually at your local parts department. They will be able to show you a picture of the bolts to the locations on the valve body, and you pick the one you need.
Best, c4c5

Hi c4c5specialist, I've read your answers on the "other" forum - it's good to see you here - you give very good advise - thanks ..

:) :)
Awesome. Was afraid that I'd be forced to "upgrade" the whole thing (like some assemblies). The tranny can go back together now :)



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