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Valve Question



Thinking of replacing my valve stem seals without popping off the heads.... Anyone have any inovative ideas how to keep the valves from dropping down into the cylinders. I dont have an air compressor and have heard of putting rope in each cylinders...
The "rope trick" works fine - just bring each cylinder to its TDC position first to minimize the length of rope you have to feed in.
Safety glasses

John's right ... also, please wear safety glasses as you're removing/replacing valve locks. While there, check the wear on the rocker arm studs ... probably'll be nominal.

I am sure the rope trick will work, but what better time than any to go ahead and get an air compressor. You don't need a very big one for this job.

All you need is to buy a set of those anti foul spark plug extender kits from the autopart store. One side will screw straight into the head. The other side, you can force a good rubber hose on and clamp it tight. Go for about 12-18" of hose. On the other end of the hose, force in and clamp a male end quick connect air hose fitting.

Now, unscrew the spark plugs, screw the hose into the cylinder, and quick connect the other end to the air compressor hose. Pump it up with about 40-60 psi and go to work.

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