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Question: Vehicle Recovery Systems


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Dec 16, 2002
Hi All, posting this in General Automotive Discussion as I think it can pertain to any make/model of vehicles, but i am specifically looking to equip my 1960 Corvette with "something".

Years ago I had two vehicles stolen - never to be recovered: a 1966 GTO and 1968 Chevelle. This was more than 35 years ago when I was young and foolish. Well now I am old and hopefully not foolish anymore. LOL :happyanim:. I dont want my Vette to be number 3!

So my question it this - do any of you have personal experience with any of the vehicle recovery systems available. I have been researching this topic for some time and came up with the following conclusions.

LoJack, using RF signals seems to be the best in that the RF signal can penetrate enclosed trailers, buildings, garages and even parking garages. The problem with LoJack is their limited coverage area - for instance all of KY is a blind spot - meaning of my car is stolen while on the 2014 Caravan, LoJack will do nothing for me with regards to recovery because there is not one county in KY that is covered by LoJack.

Virtually all other recovery systems utilize GPS signals which would provide nation-wide coverage. The down side to this is that the GPS tracker is required to have direct line of sight to the satellites in order to work. Just like your navigation GPS will not work in your garage - well neither will the recovery GPS units.

So - I am looking to all of you and hoping someone has had experience with either of these types of units - OR better yet - experience with a unit BETTER than either of these.

SO please - tell me which units you have had experience with, how did/do they work - pros & cons - PLEASE???? :beer
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