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Hi I am new to this site and was just wondering if I can get any feedback on tires for my "88" 35th Anniversary Vette. I don't wanna spend a ton of money, but I don't want cheap tires either. I've been to Tirerack.com and I priced out Sumitomo HTR Z tires and the prices weren't bad. Don't know too much about this brand, so any feedback would help!!! The fronts are:
245/45/R17 and the rears are 315/35/R17

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I replaced the Goodyears on my 1996 with Bridgestone Potenza RE730s. The difference is remarkable. First, most rattles have vanished and the road noise is non-existent below 65 mph. I could not believe the the transfomration. Gread traction in wet (so I am told) and dry. In fact, I autocrossed with them a few times and they held up and performed well. A whole set mounted and balanced was right at $800 in California. Maybe cheaper elsewhere but definitely worth the price of admission.
Over the last 10 years I have transitioned from the stock Goodyear Eagles, to BFGoodrich TA's, to BFGoodrich ZR's and for the past 3 years I have been using BFGoodrich K/D G-force. The difference was like night and day from day one because the BFGs are smoother, quieter and provide better traction. The ZR's are probably the best as an all around tire including autocrossing but if you want something awesome and can afford to, go for the KDs.

Opinion by BSH
Replaced GSCs on MY92 with Firestone Firehawk SZ50s. Like the other posters here. I saw quieter ride, better handling wet and dry. The GSCs tend to wander on uneven or high crowned roads. The SZ50s do none of that. I like them a lot. I spent $900 including install, balance, tax, etc..

Don't forget to add in paying their shipping if you go with Tirerack. I've come out ahead just buying local.

BSH: hear those KDs are awesome. Nicknamed 'Killer Dry'.
How's the wear on them though?
The KDs have worn extremely well .... a trip to Bowling Green in '99 with the Caravan (10,000 mile round trip) plus 2 seasons of autocrosses (12 or so races). I am surprised as to how well they are wearing.

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