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Vintage Air-final install


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Here are three quick pics of the Dash portion of the Vintage Air Compact unit all coming together.

This is the look from inside. I will hook up the dash vents when installing the i/p.


Now you can finally see what the whole trick was to the firewall. Note the nice neat mounting block for the heater and a/c hoses tucked well out of the way.

The purpose of this final shot is to show how the firewall mounting block turns into a manifold on the back side. I would say that between putting this together and cutting the hole in the trans hump, this was the most difficult part of the installation.

See the whole thing at:

Now if only I can figure a way to get to Orange Park so I can see it live! :J

I love a clean install. That bedliner you sprayed in looks real professional. What was your objective in doing this? Rust prevention, sound deadening?
FYI I start mine in earnest this week coming up (vacation). Just ordered the last of the engine brackets today.
I'm afraid.
I did the bedliner for several reasons. One to help insulate from heat, two for sound, three, for strength, and because it looks so cool right now.

Hang in there with it. Try to get some help, to hold in while you make brackets. A little fiberglass work here and there won't hurt anything if it comes to it.

Finally, I would consider taking a heat gun and reshaping the lower front driver side of the unit to fit better against the trans hump. That would keep you from having to do any extra grinding.

Let me know if you run into any trouble.


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