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Vortec Heads



Iam about to purchase a set of vortec heads for my L-98 and was wondering if there is any problems with mounting the stock TPI manifold to them.Also, does anyone have any info on the performance of these heads. I'm looking at different setups and eventually will be using a 355 engine (winter project).

My understanding is that in order to use the new vortec heads you also have to use the vortec intake, because the normal intake will not fit. I heard it was something with the ports not lining up or something like that. But if you go with these heads you could not use the stock intake. This is what I have heard, hope this helps

You will have trouble bolting your stock intake. You will have to buy an aftermarket intake made for the newer style heads (big bucks). You would get more bang for you buck to go ahead and buy a set of heads like the Edelbrock pre 1987 (about $1,000 assembled) and continue to use your intake.

Check out the Performer RPM either #6090 (angle plug heads), or 6089 (straight plug heads). These have 64cc chambers, and will bring that L98 to life. Plus they weigh less than the Vortec.

I have a set of the 6089 on a full roller 355 motor that was a monster on pump gas. You will be very happy with these.

I also have a set of cast iron Bow Tie Heads casting# (14011034) that will bolt direct to your intake and could be yours for about $400 plus shipping.........
Vortec heads

Vortec heads have intake bolts that are 90 deg to the ground as opposed to the 45 degree we have seen since '55. Other small blocks use the 45 yet. I have seen the Vortec heads advertised by one of the perfprmance Chevy dealers with the holes drilled and tapped for 45 degree manifolds. Hot Rod Magazine also says this can be done. Check with a good high performance machine shop in your area.

Chevy has a high rise 4bbl and a throttle body injection manifold and also Edelbrock has the same. But you will have to do the redrilling for the tuned port.

Excellent Description


That is the best way I have ever seen in print to describe the difference between the type I and II head/intake bolt pattern. I never thought of that before. I always say it is a different angle, but you put it right on target.

I drilled out a Weiand intake (4bbl) to fit the type II heads on the V8 Fiero. The fellow that bought my 85 Corvette with a 383 put Vortec heads on that motor with the 85 manifold. We both machined our own intakes and used custom washers to hold it in place. It looks kind of scary because you have to drill out the manifold until there is almost no material left on the outside edge. A machine shop could do a much better job. I am sure something like that would not be too expensive.

Thanks for the input, I wasn't sure if they would work and was just wondering. I probably will go with the edelbrock heads. Thanks for the offer on the bowties Chris , I'll get back to you later on them.

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