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Wtb: 2011+ zo6

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Sep 8, 2017
Orange County, California
Wtb: 2011+ Z06

I guess it's my turn to officially post a WTB. I was trying to avoid doing so as these posts get buried quickly but it's worth a shot.

I'm not exactly looking for a needle in a haystack as I know the right car is out there but I am quite specific on this purchase (this will be my third Z06 and may be my last if it's the right one). I know it might take some time.


* 2010 or later Z06 (the newer the better).
* Arctic White, Cyber Grey, Carbon Flash Metallic, Blues in that order. Inferno Orange is a distant possibility for the right car.
* 3LZ option group
* Mileage under 20k. Preferably looking for mileage under 10k. If it's over 20k, the car will likely have too many rock chips for me.

Really looking for these special features/mods:

* Carbon Edition if it is the right color.
* Z07 package a plus.
* Carbon fiber package a plus.
* Black Cup wheels is a plus.
* Heads addressed and/or heads/cam/intake/headers a plus BUT must be an adult-owned vehicle that has not been tracked.
* Looking for a Z that has had clear bra installed (or is a low mileage example that is devoid of rock chips and I will install the clear bra).
* Purchasing from a private individual would be preferred but I'm open to doing what it takes (although I'm not going to buy a dealer car purchased at auction with 3 previous owners

I will pay good money for the right car (cash - no food stamps). Price range will vary depending on the scenario. If it is a super low mileage one owner Z in the right color with the desired packages but the heads have not been addressed, then that's workable. It's obvious a garage queen will likely be stock and that's OK. I just need to factor in the $$$ for doing the heads, for example.

I am in California but I don't care where the right car is. I will verify the condition and then have it shipped. I know I'm going to be picky on this one. I have owned a lot of cars. I am also a 25+ year ASE Master Technician. But I am patient and have a goal of finding/purchasing the right car for me sometime between now and the end of winter.

Thanks all for reading and PLEASE PM ME on any possible candidates (if you are the owner). All others can post here or PM me. I have been looking in all the usual places but it's entirely possible that a car could slip thru the cracks.

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Best year for C6 Z06es is 2011.

It's the only year which had an exhaust with only two cats and an x-pipe. LS7s in '11 were probably making 512-515-hp.

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