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Vortex Performance Mufflers



Hi Everyone !
Anybody ever heard of "VORTEX PERFORMANCE MUFFLERS" ?
Any of your 'vettes have it ? especially C4's (L-98) ?( from the Cat Back).
How is it ? Torque/HP ? Noise (Mellow deep throaty sound or "Tinny" sound? like the Mustangs).
I like also.....DynoMax, Hookers( i have on my '84's, sounds great).
Forget about Corsa, B&B, and Borla......nice but, i'm not goin' to keep the car for a "life time".
Never heard of vortex but I agree with you on the Dynomax they sound great on a 350!
I have never heard of Vortex either, but Dynomax are good mufflers, and alot of ppl like them from my understanding.


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