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Wanted - HP Block


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Jun 12, 2002
Tucson, AZ USA
1990 Convertible
I did post an ad on the classified site here but I was unsure how many of you actually visited there so I thought I would just put this here. We are desperately looking for a 68 Corvette block, must be the HP suffix code. When we bought the car from the second original owner he said he had scored one of the cylinders in the block and took all the innerds and heads off of it and put it on a 350 block. :mad

All he needed to do was resleeve the cylinder but......

We have been looking for this block now for about four years and cannot seem to come up with it so I thought I would pose it to all you to see if you can help me locate one. I know the chance of me finding the exact date HP is probably impossible, but at least having the right suffix code is better than nothing. Thanks!!

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