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?Weiand 8004 intake fitment?


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Dec 27, 2000
Florence, SC (Timmonsville SC)
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Does anybody have experience with fitting a Weiand 8004 intake on C3? I've seen references to the Edelbrock Performer 2101 fitting stock air cleaner, hood, Q-jet. I'd like to use the W 8004 on a '71 w/ L-48 sb motor, stock twin-snout air cleaner, stock Q-jet carb, stock L-48 hood.

I've gathered a few dimensions I've found elsewhere and note that while intake heights may seem to be within range, the carb flange angle does cause me concern ... here's what I've gathered:
Intake Manifold, Stock Cast Iron L-48 F = 2.69” R = 4.375”
Intake Manifold, Weiand ActionPlus p/n 8004 F = 3.50” R = 4”
Intake Manifold, Edelbrock Performer p/n 2101 F = 3.50” R = 4.60"

Has anybody actually put a Weiand 8004 on a C3 with stock carb, air cleaner & hood ... did it fit OK?
seems like somebody's tried it

Seems like somebody has tried this ... Weiand 8004 on C3... anybody?


I don't know what the deal is with manifolds but it seems that if it doesn't say Edelbrock knowone is interested. I have seen tests in Hot Rod where the Wieand out perfprmed the Edelbrock. When I was looking to buy a used manifold all of the Edelbrocks were priced or bid, on Ebay, up so close to new price that they weren't worth bidding on. That is how I got my Offenhauser for a song. No other bidders on a great manifold. Fools!

Here is something to try to measure clearance. Take some Play Dough or just mix up some flour and water into dough and place a ball on the air cleaner at the front and rear and each side. Put some flour on it so it won't stick to the hood. Close the hood all the way gently so it doesn't bounce and compress your dough too much. Open the hood and measure the thickness of the dough balls. If it is thicker than the difference between the stock and 8004 intake height you have a fit. Good luck.


Thanks! I'd thought about the play-doh method ... and one where you set gage blocks in the fender channel and straight-edge across them. But, I've got the motor out for a total overhaul & upgrade. Trying to find the easy way out in getting some assurance it'll fit (with 8004 in place) when dropped back in cradle. I tried Weiand for tech assistance ... they apparently have no direct knowledge if "their" manifold fits a stock (and probably often tried over several years) application ... this from the Holley Group ... incredible:eyerole. I know just what you mean about Edelbrock popularity on eBay ... and lack of interest in Offy & others.

I rolled the dice on 8004 ... I'll be the CACC "guinea pig" this time. I went ahead and secured a win for a "used-one-day" Weiand 8004 ... nice tune too! I'll go ahead and make up fuel line, route plug wires (on top ... I ain't gonna use my stock wire-chases that lay against the lower block!), vacuum & PCV line, etc. It'll be awhile before I drop the motor back in ... think you can relate:L. When I do ... I'll report Weiand 8004 fitment results via this thread. I'll also begin a new thread describing what mods, improvements and mistakes I made throughout the overhaul/upgrade. Happy & Safe 4'th to all ... 'though we ain't perfect; we're the best!

Sorry I didn't notice your topic earlier. For what it's worth, I have run the 8004/Quadrajet/Stock Air Cleaner combo on my 72 in the past. However... that was with a big block/LT1 hood and not the L-48 model. No clearance problems and I believe that I was also using a GM carb heat shield/spacer at the time.

Good Luck
LOW (L-48) Hood

72 Stingray:
'Preciate your insight ... wish I had the BB hood ... but if I did have more room I might be building an even more aggressive motor ... this daily driver 355 should make about 330 - 340 hp on reg gas ... and hopefully remain quiet & reliable. Just picked up a barely-used Weiand Team G race water pump pn 8222 ... Sweet Jesus it's light ... crazy cheap price too... less than what a rebuilt white-box 1 year warranty cast iron WP sells for. No doubt it fits ... already checked fit ... 3/4" shaft w/ huge bearings but 5/8" pilot'll have to be bushed for stock fan clutch ... I'll just be tickled if it'll simply flow as well as stock.

Just joined the group, and have an answer to your question.
I am running the Weiand 8004 on my -70 with the standard hood, and it works out just fine ! . I am using the Edelbrock Performer (1910) carb and stock air cleaner. There is even room for a heatshield / spacer under there !
My 383 have 9.8 cr, Edebrock performer heads, 1-5/8 headers, and a Comp.Cams 222-224 degr / 520 lift cam. With this combo the 8004 works great, and in my opinion is equal to the Edelbrock performer RPM at my shiftpoint (6000) and superior in the 1500
to 2500 range.

Good luck with your project !

/ Henjo
Welcome Henjo ... and THANKS!

Welcome to CACC ... this is a great place with lots of friendly people wishing to help and learn. Thanks for the confidence builder on W 8004 ... seems the E 1910 has same height as stock q-jet.

My assembly's in process, but so far it will be 355ci with about 9.5:1 CR, Camshaft: Hydraulic Wolverine Blue Racer p/n WG-1170 w/0.050”duration = I 224º/E 224º, v.l. = 0.450”/0.460”, stock rams horn ex man, weiand 8004 in man & 8222 alum wp, stock q-jet, 1.94 -1.50 stock iron heads w/ light porting & new stock rockers & Manley springs, mid-grade Speed-Pro pushrods, Accel vac adv tach drv distributor, MSD 6 cdi. I'm hoping, wishing, praying for about 330 hp on 87 gas ... but even if it's 300 and reliable ... especially reliable ... I'll be happy.

When I think of Sweden and hi-po cars ... I think SNOWY RALLY ... folk like Ari Vatenen (spelling?) and 600 hp Peugot turbos. These Corvettes just have UNIVERSAL APPEAL ... HUH! Thanks again!

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