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What am I doing wrong (removeable rear window)



My removeable rear window was out when I bought the car. I tried to install it last night and the ****** (s u c k e r is an edited word?) won't go in. Here is what's wrong.

I first put the tabs in the slots in the bottom of the window frame. I then rotated the window back to a few degress shy of the final position. It seems like the window won't seat low enough (towards the ground) for it to slide under the flat part of the clamps. It hits on the backside of the clamps and therefore won't go into position.

Am I installing this wrong or is this a problem with a lot of these removeable windows? Any suggestions?
Perhaps you've got it inside out. Mine seems to go in, slid down, and snap up just fine.
I don't think I do. The cut outs at the top of the window itself are supposed to face insde the car I belive so that the latches can catch the flat spots...


I never had a problem with my old '72 and I had the window out a lot.. Perhaps the chrome frame around the window was removed and not reattached properly. Or perhaps the problem is in the window frame itself. I believe the windows were interchangeable with earlier C3's.

....... Nut
I installed a removable window in my 76 and had to play around with the heights/ locations of the Chrome pieces the prongs fit into. Also I put in a new gasket and the first few times in and out it was tight. If yours has been out for some time the gasket may have swelled or become hard causing it to install hard. try a little dish soap on the gasket
I had a similar problem with my '71 coupe. I took the the window latch metal eschutcheons off and adjusted the latch itself forward towards the front of car, this gave me the clearance for the window to pass by the latch mechanism. However, too much adjustment will make the window not seal tight against the rubber gasket, and might rattle a lit bit.
Make certain the bottom edge of the window frame is going down to the seated position. The windoe frame edge will catch on the weatherstripping and and go down far enough to aloow the top of the frame to clear the latches. If needed the two bottom plates that the window posts fit into may have to be slid forward, towards the front of the car, to allow the window frame to clear the weatherstripping.
When I installed new weatherstripping the window would not fit. I put water on the weatherstripping to help lubricate it and then I use a screwdriver to pull the weatherstripping back to compress it and then the window fit down correctly.

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