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What color blue.



The 96 GS is a beautiful blue, and I love the paint scheme. I have a white 91. The other day on vettenet.org I saw a white car that had a blue racing stripe over the hood, top, and back, with the two chevrons on the fender in a medium red. The car was gorgeous and I'm thinking of doing a similar paint job on mine. If anyone knows the color codes for the blue and red used on the GS I would appreciate the info.
Thanks for a great site!
Lar ZR100060
Admiral Blue-Code 28. The red fender stripes are decals that you can buy from a chevrolet dealer. Chuck
To my dismay (or my pleasure depending on my mood) Admiral Blue is my wife's favorite color. I have to agree that it is a beautiful and very unique shade of blue, and a relatively rare one as well: 1584 in '94; 1006 in '95; 1000 in '96 (only on the GS).
I think the admiral blue is an awesome color, but only if you also have the matching wheels. That color with the matching wheels with red calipers would look show worthy!

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