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What is involved in replacing the power lumbar??


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
Quick question for all you gurus out there. The only thing that does not work properly on the ZR-1 that I'm looking at is the power lumbar in the seats. I've never had 6-way power seats so I'm not to sure what exactly is involved. Is it something that is relatively easily to fix & about how much $$ does it cost? Thanks in advance.....


It's not hard at all, however, the most difficult procedure from what I've heard is removing the seat cushion in order to get to the pump.

The pumps have a rubber diaphragm that usually breaks/cracks with age. There is an easy fix for it, but I don't have the information in front of me. I have it at home. If nobody posts the information here earlier, I'll post it later tonight.
I replaced my driver's side lumbar pump diaphragm without any problem. Took about an hour or so!
All you need to do is remove the bottom seat cushion by reaching down under the front of the seat and unhooking the retaining clip. Pull down and push towards the rear and the bottom of the seat will lift right out/ The pump is right under it. :)

Here's a Link for the procedure from the ZR1Net Web Page:
Jay, be sure to check all of the connections before you go ripping everything apart. It may simply be a loose or shorted wiring connection. ;)

If it is the pump or bladders, I have to agree with Rob and Gordy; it's not that difficult to repair. Hey, it's not even that expensive! :D

Hey, thanks for the replies guys.......that is was my only concern with the car, & it's not a concern anymore:) Thanks!


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