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what is the best book?



what would be the best book for a 63 for restoration?

for example i need to rebuild my park brake, i orderd all the parts, the metal lock tabs with spring, but i need to make sure i have the parts in correctly

Apr 2, 2004
Newark, Delaware
1965 Coupe L76 / 1978 L82
go to the NCRS site NCRS.org and from their online store get the 1963 AIM (assembly manual), the '63 Judging Guide and Techincal Information Manual, and the 1963 Shop manual.
These three books should be at the minimun you have to work on your C2.
On the Judging guide book don't worry if the car is NOM and you never plan on going for NCRS judging as it still has plenty of useful information in there for you.
If you want to get an idea of each of the books, what they really are, etc you can stop over one day and look at my '65 and '78 versions.



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May 13, 2003
Round Hill, VA
2014 Convertible
Barry has that covered...AIMs, Judging Manual, Shop Manual, and NCRS offers a CD with past articles, specifically for the restoration of parts for the 63 model, articles written from the Restorer Magazine....EXCELLENT resources that has helped me out during the years. They do contain photos.

If you are restoring a 63, please take note that over 261 parts found on the 63 were only on the 63 and not carried over to the 64. Also note, when buying parts be careful, because many of the parts will not fit the 63. So look at the dates of the item and make sure they are for a 63 only. OH yeah, the parking brakes for the 63 contain parts that are only for the 63.

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