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What is this thing?



On the top of the firewall side of the heater and A/C box there is an electrical device with sheet metal posts with coils between them. Anybody know the function of this thing?

Thanks for your help.
Welcome to the Action Center rjones. What year is your Shark, that will probably narrow down the possibilities?

Sounds like the resistor for the blower motor resistor.

It controls lo, med and med-hi speeds. The wires on it come from the blower switch.

High speed is controled by the high speed blower relay near this resistor.

Thanks for the help. The car is a 1979 and the wiring has proven to be an enormous challenge. I did get the heater blower working. Ultimately it turned out that I had two problems: 1) the ground wire for the relay was connected to the hot wire on the starter, and, 2) one of the high resistance wire coils on the heater resister was burned out. First I went to Radio Shack and bought a ceramic 100 ohm resister resister which worked OK for about 10 minutes then it burned out. Then I got a piece of wire from an old clothes dryer heating element and formed new coil. I think it is going to work fine.

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