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What kind of audio is in a 91?

Most likely if there is any damage to the wiring it would be on the ends at the pigtails. It would be pretty unusual to have the speaker disruption you describe come from a shorted or cut wire somewhere in the harness.

As for the Bose repair facilities, check our listings in the Portal ;)

Rob, Ken:

Once again , thank you for your help.
I will check the portal and make contact with the people you guys are suggesting.
I will let you know the results.


:D Buena suerte brother, and be sure to stay in touch here at this wonderful community of ours. :upthumbs
Hi all,

I've just bought a '91 coupe with the Bose Gold system. Delivery is coming weekend.
The stereo is acting up meaning there is a loud 'hiss' when turned on and if you listen VERY carefully you can hear the radio station or cd or whatever source you've selected.

According to the seller this happened all of a sudden. He left home that morning with a good working stereo, and in the evening when he left work the above described symptoms appeared.

What are your suggestions that may cause this problem? Pre amplifier went south?
Would be strange all four power amps are dead?

Another question: I've heard rumors the pre amplifier in the Bose Gold system is also separated from the head unit??? Is it?

Last question: a while ago there was a section on this site where one could read about replacing the Elco's/Capacitors in the amplifiers. I can't find this section anymore. Where is it??


the Netherlands

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