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What kind of audio is in a 91?


Sal Collaziano

The car I'm getting has a Bose Gold system. What would that mean? 6 speakers? 8 speakers? Would two of those be 8 inch subwoofers?
Bose Systems

1991 offerings:
  • UU8 - stereo system, Delco-Bose
  • U1F - streoe system with CD, Delco-Bose

Check out Bose for more info. ;)
Good system

HI there,
The system you speak of has 8 speakers, at 4 locations within the car.
Each position has a separate amplifier for each set of 2 speakers.
Best to you, c4c5
Re: Good system

c4c5specialist said:
HI there,
The system you speak of has 8 speakers, at 4 locations within the car.
Each position has a separate amplifier for each set of 2 speakers.
Best to you, c4c5

ok i'm confused. my 92 has the Delco Bose Gold Series w/CD player. it has 4 spkrs. was 8 spkrs something they did in earlier models?

The Bose system in the '91 coupes consists of a pair of full range 6 1/2" speakers in the rear and a pair of 3" mid-range and 1" (I think) tweeters in the front door cill area. Hey Sal, nice to see you outside of the 80sxchange forum. How long have you had the Vette?
Thanks for all the info. :)

Hey, torque91. Who are you on 80sxchange.com? L98Guy? I don't have my Vette yet but it's a 91 and coming in a couple of weeks. I'm anxious. :)
Not only have I removed the grills but I removed the whole box and replaced the amp on each side in the rear. The speaker enclosure is a ported design and has 1 - 4" speaker in it. Behind that plastic portion of the grill that appears like it would have a small tweeter or something is nothing that I can find.
I checked my options sheet and have UF1 and UXO.
I haven't touched the front to see what's behined the covers.
I would be very interested in knowing what the ohm rating is on these speakers. My '90 has Bose Gold three speaker, tweater and mid range in front, and mid bass in back. I am presently swapping the whole system and am curious as whether I can use the drivers on anything else.

Hi Barbie, I'm sure that if you look somewhere on the speaker enclosure, you'll find a rating for the info you seek. I don't know (And I don't think Bose provides it, at least I can't find it. :confused) the rating used for the Corvette system, but my guess would be 8 ohms. ;)

This is all you get from Bose.

Hi Ken. Nothing on the speakers. I'll search their website. A car audio shop thought it was less than 4 ohms???? Thanks for your help.

Re: Sorry VMS

c4c5specialist said:
Sorry, my mistake, I was thinking newer cars, you are correct, as there is only one in the rear.
Thanks for the refresher, I needed it, c4c5

no problem at all. you just had me confused and a little worried. i thought maybe the General just gave me a basic Bose system but with Bose Gold grills :(
btw, i popped the door sill. the front has 2 speakers on each side. looks like another 4" with a 1-2" tweeter. so we're both off. i'll split the difference with you. it's a 6way :D
'91 Sound System

I want to take this opportunity to ask you a question about the '91 sound system.
I have just join the club and I am not very familiar with the forums.
Please, be patient, I am mexican, and English is not my best skill.
I have problems with the Audio system, CD & Tape player, only 1 front speaker sounds, the back ones are completely dead, the front right one just makes a low static noise. I have checked the physical integrity of the speakers and all them look nice and clean.
Is there a place where I can get the wiring diagram?
I think I have a short circuit somewhere, the power is OK in all the DC supply terminals (12 V) but the signal wires look like interconnected, all of them ! I think this is wrong, there should be signal and ground separate circuits isn it?
Thank you for your help.
You would need the shop manual, electrical supplement to get the wiring diagram. You can get the shop manuals through Helms.
As for the radio and speakers. The CD players are notorious for breaking and there are a few specialty places that will repair it for you. The speakers typically last but the amps don't. Each speaker gets its own amp. The amps usually die. First they start to crackle and pop, then they either get noisey or play really low. I've replaced two amps already. And my CD player just ejects CDs. Haven't gotten around to getting it fixed.
Welcome To The Corvette Action Center Alvaro!

I certainly hope you like it here, we have people from around the world (we all just happen to love the American Corvette :)).

You didn't state if you had a Bose system or not. Please be more specific. ;)
Thank you for your advises, I will check the amplifiers. You are right, the CD player is also dead.

Great help, great community.

Keep it up !!
Yes, it is a Bose system, Delco Bose gold series.
I really want to keep it original, so maybe I will send it to repair somewhere in the US, Uf! not easy to ship the stereo and wait like a month to take it back, the mail in mexico is very slow...
If I have a problem with the wiring, do your recomend to install a new line of cables for the speakers or try to repair the original harness.

Once again, thank you very much for your help.

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. Take a look at the Electrical and Diagnostics category in our Corvette Portal. Doctor Don's has been a popular company with other members for radio service and they have gotten good reviews. If you decide to send your radio to them, let them know you heard about them here. :) Good luck.

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