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What Kind of Mods?


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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
1990 Corvette ZR-1
Out of curiosity, what kind of modifications have you guys done to your C5's and what differences/gains have you seen?
I have not done any mods as of yet. I want to give the engine more air and maybe change the exhaust.

I am in the process of installing a B&B Route 66 exhast system and a vortex air rammer on my 2001. I should have the modifiactions complete by the end of the week, and will dyno it afterwards. I will let you know then of both actual and percieved changes.

This car does not need a whole lot of changes, but you can never have too much power, or too much fun!!!!

Put a Corsa Indy Pace Car exhaust with polished 3 1/2" pro-series tips and a Bassani X-pipe on first...looks great, sounds awesome! Then I went to the intake side; Vortex Rammer cold air induction, modified MAF sensor (no screen), high flow air duct with coupler, and a modified throttle body -- neck-snapping acceleration, even with an auto and basic rear-end. I've got to admit, the intake side had the greatest effect on performance, especially considering the costs, but I do love the sound of my exhaust....I usually don't play my stereo just so I can listen to it!
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Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. Let us know how that B&B installation goes and what your seat of the pants feel is. I'm curious as to what kind of difference in performance you'll feel.
I replaced the stock air filter box with a ZO6 box and SOTP it is stronger. I installed the hood seal and drilled some holes in the fog lamp area to let more air in the engine compartment. I have the drilling pattern that I got from another C5er if you would like it. Takes about 20 minutes to do. Most of my mods have been cosmetic in nature as I am trying to works up the cojones to do more. I'm looking for a way to homebuild the ZO6 cold air screens. :upthumbs
Grumpy, I would like to know the drilling pattern to let more air in the engine. That would be great. Also, where di you get the airbox from.
Greetings again,

My modifications are complete. See earlier thread for mods. Dyno results as follows:

RPM Stock HP New HP Stock Torque New Torque

3200 ... 188 ... 201 .... 308 ........... 330
4000 ... 241 ... 261 .... 317 ............ 343
4800 ... 285 ... 308 .... 312 ............ 337
5600 ... 293 ... 327 .... 275 ............ 307
6000 ... 287 ... 321 .... 251 ............ 280

It is really hard to say how much faster it feels, but I espically notice the difference a 3 grand when you nail it, there is no doubt you is gone. The B&B exhaust is sweet, no xtra noinse at all at cruizing altitude, but a nice growl at idle, and slight increase in sound at heavy throttle.
Overall for under $1,300 a real nice tweak to an already mean machine.

Almost forgot to mention, I ordered the oval tips on the exhaust to appear stocklike, and the appearance of real stainless exhaust vs stock cheaply attached tips makes me smile everytime I walk behind it.

I have installed a Corsa Indy exhaust with Pro tips, 2002 Z06 air box, K&N air filter, hood seal, Euro headlights, and #885 fog light bulbs. Notice increase at WOT from the intake mods.

on my 98 I started with a dyno sheet of 343. I added Mid america straigt pipes for great sound B&B headers , Hypertech (waste of money) LS6 intake rammer air duct , mass air flow no screen, votex, hood seal.and adjustable fuel pressure reg(stock is to rich)
Dyn after and I am at 409.7 everything showed some of a gain except the hypertech it changed shift points and also the fan realy at 170. I am very happy with it and can run with a 2002 Z06 with the fun of a conv.
Thinkng of NOS for more with out going into the engine.

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