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what rpm is an 82 supposed to idle at



noticed my 82 idles high, is it supposed to? ehat rpm is it suposded to idle at? ou people are so good on replying to questions we have. Thanks so much for helping! Arlene
Being a CrossFire I'm only guessing

Carb. cars usually Idle around 650 - 700 or there abouts after the idle sets, cold it is somewhat higher between 900 - 950. I don't know the specs for the 82 CrossFire Injection system. I'm sure someone else here does, and will reply too.

82 idle speed


I looked for the idle speed set-up in the Haynes Manual. From 1981 on they say to refer to the vehicle emmissions sticker. You should find this located on the underside of the hood.

Hi Arlene,
The computer on your car controls idle speed. It should be around 650 - 700 rpm. If you have a fast idle, you have a vacuum leak or a bad idle speed motor. Your car is a crossfire motor isn't it?
Arlene my '82 idles @ about 750-800 RPM cold and about 450-500 when warm
idle speed

Your idle speed should be 450 in park with the iac holes plugged. (minimum air). The ECM determines the dile speed with the IAC's functioning. It could be anywhere from 650-900, depending on what accessories are turned on.

A good indication of too high idle is when the rear slams down when you shift into gear. If this happens idle is too high. Also, don't trust the tach, use a scanner to read the idle speed that the ECM registers. This is a much better indication of the actual speed and if something's wrong.

For a ton of info check http://www.crossfire.homeip.net
When cold mine idles at or above 1000 rpm, but once warm it idles at a rock steady 500 rpm.
Re: idle speed

Cold idle at 1000rpm is normal. The ECM forces idle at 1000rom because of the Open Loop mode. The ECM is running preset parameters in the prom.

Sounds like yours is running like a champ.
Twinnie thanks....she runs real strong...never misses a beat.

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