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What to choose?


Mr Brit

I am looking to buy a C4 but have a choice of a 1989 Blue with about 50K and a rebuilt auto box (otherwise immaculate) or a 1994 Black Rose with over 100K (also immaculate also auto)... the '94 obviously costs more - by about 40%. My question is, is it worth trying to stretch to the '94 in preference to the '89? I guess the '94 sure looks better and has a better engine (possibly build quality too?)... failing that I could always try the older one and trade up to a late C4 (love the Black Rose colour!!!) in a year or two. All ideas/suggestions gratefully listened to.

I would go for the 94 for the improvements made over the years. My 93 rides SOOOOO much better then my friends 89.

Also, Black Rose is pretty damn rare! And such a cool color.
whoops... seem to have posted the same message twice - sorry!! :eek: :eek:

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