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What's in the '96 FE3 and J55 option packages?


Jan 9, 2016
1996 Collector Edition LT4 Z51 coupe (red interior
I'm trying to figure out if a few items on my (recently bought) '96 CE Z51 car are original or aftermarket. I received zero paper records with the car. Can anyone confirm that the '96 FE3 sport suspension package included the following, or less or more:
- Bilstein gas shocks
- 'heavy duty' springs and bushings; any details on the differences from stock would be appreciated
- stabilizer bars: 26mm tubular front, and 24mm solid rear

I also have RPO J55, 'heavy duty brakes'. The car has what looks like decent quality (possibly factory original?) 13" cross-drilled front brake rotors. I believe that 13" front rotors were standard issue by 1996, and that the J55 option included two-piston front calipers, but what's with the cross-drilled thing?

I assume that the Z51 package included the FE3 and J55 stuff; is there anything else that went into Z51?

Any information would be very much appreciated!
Check out Hib's C4 suspension guide here: 1984 - 1996 Corvette Suspension Chart - CorvetteActionCenter.com

You'll see that the Z51 got different springs and bars compared to the base Corvette.

My "Black Book" says the Z51 got Bilstein shocks, special front and rear springs, bars and bushings. They also got 9.5" wide wheels all around with 275/40/17 tires.
The big brake package (J55) became standard in 1995. Can't remember whether the rotors were cross drilled or now. Been too long since I sold my '96 CE LT4 Z51.
Thanks, Tuna, that's a really good start. Amazing chart. Also interesting to see the 1990 R9G cars in there, I'm surprised, as there were so few of them built. Great for comparison.
Do you have any photos of your '96 that might show the front rotors....?
Do you have any photos of your '96 that might show the front rotors....?

Wish I did. For some reason, my wife and I didn't take many pictures of the CE.

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