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What's your tire pressure??


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
The few times that I've had the ZR out of the garge I get the "service LTPWS" light for the tire pressure sensors every now & then. The car is a '90 with the GSC's. Just curious if anyone has had this problem before & what tire pressure your car is now..........Thanks in advance

I belive the recommended tire pressure is 35psi. It should be stated on the label inside the driver's door.
I run 35 lbs all the way around with Gatorbacks.

Never had any problem with my LTPWS, still works fine after 10 years. I understand the "service LTPWS" can be a pain to find in the 1990 MY, but easy things first - check the tire pressure. I think the "service LTPWS" comes on around 26 lbs or so.


Did an owner's manual in a leather binder come with the car?
Rob, yeah........I've got the owners manual......I checked the inside of the door & it did say to run 35psi........however light came on after about 15 min. Hmmmmmm...possibly a dirty sensor?
Sounds like the same problem I had when I purchased my '89. The LTPWS would come on after about 10 minutes or so...even when the tires were filled. Turns out that 1 of them was busted.
The door sticker on my GS says to run the tires at 30psi and to increase pressure for competive driving to 35psi. I guess if your driving a ZR-1 any time the secondaries open it's "Competive Driving".:D

From my recent experience with the LTPWS system, if the computer dosent recieve a signal from all 4 tires it will illuminate the "Service LTPWS" light. Setting a diffrent code for each tire. Hope and pray it's not the front right tire sensor. Last I heard there where no more of these avalible for the 90-96 'Vettes.

There should be a way to edit the computer to disable the LTPWS if you want it to go away. Or you could go the easy route and take the bulb out of the DIC.:)


P.S. Yes, I know it's pretty much a re-hash (conformation?) of Gordy's response:D

P.P.S. You are correct Gordy. The LTPWS light comes on when the tire goes below 26psi
Thanks for all the info guys........I'll be experimenting with it over the next few days

Gordy, those link were very helpful, Thanks:)


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